Operational Training of Thermal Oil Heater

PT Multi Makmur Teknikatama conducted a training session entitled "The Operational of Thermal Oil Heater" for one of its customers, Multi Trading Pratama (MTP) Group. The training aimed to prepare and guide the head of terminal and operators of MTP Group in the daily operations of the thermal oil heaters. The training focused on the maintenance of the thermal oil heater, circulation pump, and burner.

The training was conducted with great enthusiasm, as all participants shared their experiences operating the thermal oil heater on each of their asphalt terminals. Through the training, the participants were able to learn more about the importance of maintaining the thermal oil heater to ensure its efficient operation.


The proper operation and maintenance of a thermal oil heater are critical to its efficient operation and longevity. By conducting this training, PT Multi Makmur Teknikatama has helped to ensure that the head of terminal and operators of MTP Group are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate and maintain their thermal oil heaters effectively.

In conclusion, the "Operational of Thermal Oil Heater" training conducted by PT Multi Makmur Teknikatama for Multi Trading Pratama (MTP) Group on February 1st, 2023, was a success. The training allowed the participants to gain valuable insights into the proper operation and maintenance of thermal oil heaters. This knowledge will prove useful in ensuring the efficient and long-term operation of the thermal oil heaters in their asphalt terminals.

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