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A pasteurization conveyor system is an industrial setup designed to safely and efficiently pasteurize a variety of products, including tea, nata de coco, and jelly-like substances. These systems feature specialized conveyor belts that transport containers of these products through a controlled pasteurization process.

When it comes to nata de coco, a translucent, jelly-like product made from fermented coconut water, the system is configured to handle this delicate substance with care. Temperature control is crucial to stop the fermentation process without compromising the texture or flavor of nata de coco. The system maintains precise temperature regulation during pasteurization to achieve this delicate balance.

Similarly, for jelly-like substances such as fruit jelly or gelatin-based desserts, and for tea products, the pasteurization conveyor system employs gentle handling techniques. Tea products can include ready-to-drink teas and tea-based beverages. These products are sensitive to temperature changes, and the system ensures that the temperature is carefully controlled to preserve their quality, taste, and aroma while achieving the desired pasteurization.

Specialized conveyor belts can be customized to accommodate containers of various sizes and shapes commonly used for nata de coco, jelly, and tea products, such as small cups, jars, or bottles. Conveyor speed and product spacing are adjusted to ensure uniform processing of these diverse substances.
In essence, the pasteurization conveyor system caters to the specific needs of nata de coco, jelly-like substances, and tea products, offering precise temperature control, gentle handling, and quality preservation to ensure that these delicate products meet safety and quality standards while retaining their unique textures, flavors, and aromas.

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