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oven and dryers

oven and dryers

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MMT offers a range of industrial ovens that utilize direct heat from a gas oil burner or indirectly through a heat exchanger system. These ovens are designed to accommodate various industrial processes such as batch processing, conveyor-based processing, drying, and rotary drying.

The batch oven is ideal for processing materials in individual batches, allowing for precise control over the temperature and processing time. Conveyor ovens, on the other hand, utilize an automated conveyor belt to move products through a heating chamber, making them ideal for large-scale, continuous processing.

For materials that require excess moisture removal, the drying oven is an effective solution. These ovens are specifically designed to remove moisture from raw materials, ensuring they are ready for subsequent processing. Lastly, the rotary dryer is ideal for minimizing the liquid moisture content of materials. It consists of a rotating cylindrical tube, supported by concrete columns or steel beams, and is inclined to slope slightly so that the discharge end is lower than the material feed end, allowing the material to be conveyed through the dryer under gravity.

MMT's industrial ovens offer precise temperature control and efficient processing, resulting in reduced processing times and increased productivity. Whether you require batch processing or continuous conveyor-based processing, MMT has a range of ovens to suit your needs.

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