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PT Multi Makmur Teknikatama is a manufacturing company that specializes in Thermal Oil Heater Unit, Heating Equipment, and Stainless-Steel Tank. We have more than 30 years of experience in the field of manufacturing of Thermal Oil Unit, Heating Equipment, and Heating Instrument.

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Established in 1992, our company has been trusted in designing and fabricating total heating systems, specialized thermal plants, and heat exchangers in a broad variety of configurations. Our knowledgeable technical team and our precise production method ensure that your plant will meet the optimal and highest quality level of system.

We supply products that are safe and reliable. We guarantee you that our products provide the best performance according to your needs. Our professional team can help recommend you the most suitable product for your application.

We can assure customer satisfaction, competitive prices, quick delivery, excellent quality, and best after sales service. All equipment and part are designed, manufactured, and controlled to achieve the most optimal and efficient performance in your industrial processing system. We also can participate in the whole project from project planning, design, installation of unit, pipeline, and accessories, commissioning, reparation, and maintenance.




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